The Christian Preacher with Seoul



The kindness of Korean strangers part 4

After I left the Post Office I went to get a cold drink. I heard music, so tracked it down and took a seat to chill for a bit.
A guy then came onto the microphone and at first was talking quite calm and smiling a lot…I of course had no idea what he was saying. Then he seemed to go up a notch and was sort of yelling using wild hand gestures and stamping his feet. Mmmm time to move on I thought. As I got up I heard him start to speak English ” You…girl over there in the blue top…do you follow?”
Oh shit…is he talking to me…as I turned around he quite clearly was talking to me…for one – I was wearing a blue top and secondly because everyone was staring at me…I decided to laugh and shout “YES” and quickly left… he seemed pleased with my answer I thought.

I walked around Insadong and as it was a Saturday there was all sorts going on. Takwando demonstrations, drumming bands, street food galore, dancing…It was a great place to just wander away a few hours browsing and people watching!

I was filling my face with some red bean sweet cake when I heard someone yelling “Hey lady…hey lady!” I turned around and it was the crazy microphone guy from earlier wearing a massive grin…the type that you just cant help returning!
“Hey” he said…”Where are you from?” and some usual chit chat then he said…”so you believe yes?” errrr it was then I looked down and saw he was holding a big stack of leaflets saying ‘ Jesus Loves You!’
Oh great I thought…but we got chatting and I told him I thought he was extremely passionate about his work!
He then got his guitar out and started to sing on the microphone and kept letting one hand go from the guitar to beckon me to join in…In the end I did…as…yet again everyone was looking at me! I knew the song…so yes,it was English of course…what the heck I thought…no body knows me – so far Ive met 2 people in 3 days who love to just burst into song!
They (the band) then decided to have a break as the drumming/marching and dancing band kept walking he ended up telling me about the history of that type of music. We also discussed what Ive been up to. He was very interested to hear about my volunteering in Cambodia. He said that his parish needed an English teacher…I told him I was starting to think about it as so many people kept mentioning it to me. He then insisted on giving me his contact details and said I really should get in touch…His name was John…you don’t meet many Johns in Korea so I’m sure he gave himself this name to communicate better with us foreigners.
I highly doubt if I was on Market street in Manchester city centre and a ‘preacher’ approached me, I would speak to him, let alone sing with him…but I did in South Korea…I’ve no idea why but I’m glad I did…