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Every picture has a story...

Every picture has a story…

It’s fair to say Sally Robinson has an extreme case of wanderlust that cannot be cured.

Are you looking for something and somebody new that’s fun, exciting and inspiring to enthuse your audience?

Sally has worked with the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industries for over 20 years and has a portfolio that demonstrates expertise in sales, education, tour guiding, travel planning and recently even radio presenting. Years of travel have enabled Sally to connect with hundreds of fascinating people, view incredible sights, learn about fascinating cultures all whilst experiencing the most generous hospitality and witnessing humanity at its very best in many destinations around the world.

From volunteering teaching English in Cambodia, learning to Tango in Argentina, a tropical expedition across the Philippines, meditating with monks across Asia…there are lots of stories to tell.


As a speaker Sally has the ability to take the audience on a journey with her, to make the audience feel like they too are experiencing the wonders of a destination. Bringing world travel into the hearts & minds of the audience and enabling them to enjoy an experience through descriptive stories, images and sometimes video content.

Sally is available to deliver talks, presentations, travel seminars, after dinner speeches, presenting awards evenings, auctions etc.

Some previous presentations/ talks delivered:

  1. ‘Robinson Rambles On – Bringing World Travel to you’
  2. Not such a material world –‘The kindness of Strangers’
  3. Stories from the road -‘Epic road trips around the world’
  4. ‘Solo travel tales & volunteering abroad’
  5. ‘Foodie travel tales from around the world’
  6. Wildlife adventures – ‘It’s a Jungle out there’
  7. Solo & Group Travel -‘The differences & The Good, the Mad and the Funny’
Things aren't always what they seem... Can you see the wonderful city of Sydney with me in this picture?

Things aren’t always what they seem…
Can you see the wonderful city of Sydney?

Or perhaps something to inspire or with a key message or travel destination in mind for your audience?

“How to travel solo and have the time of your life”

“Finding your photography niche through travel”

Presentations can be tailored, please contact me HERE today. 

Are you part of a group or network, that meets regularly in the North of England?

Do you normally hire speakers to come and enthuse, entertain or share knowledge with you all?                              

*On the first visit to your group, Sally can present the ‘Robinson Rambles On’ talk, an overview of her world travels and share with you some key stories, covering different areas and destinations she has travelled to and volunteered in. Viewing lots of beautiful photographs and items from her travels…setting the scene for a return to your group with more travel tales…It’s interactive too.

Groups really enjoy this light hearted ramble, full of exciting and heart-warming stories – time will fly by and your group will be left wanting more!

This first talk is called ‘Robinson Rambles On’ The title of my travel blog. Then there is a series of talks that are highlighted above to follow on for future visits to groups.


Don’t just take our word for it – here is what some people have said about Sallys talks and presentations;


Claire Humphreys – one of the organisers of the national touring 50 Plus show!

This is a response to a tailored talk produced to suit a specific topic ‘ Ideas & Inspiration for Solo & Group Travel’ This talk complemented at the exhibitors in the Travel section of the show supporting them to inspire customers to travel.


Please see below a short video testimonial from Radcliffe Townswomen’s Guild in Greater Manchester about ‘Robinson Rambles On’ talks by Sally




“I very much enjoyed Sally’s interesting talk about her travels. I would recommend Sally to other groups as she is an interesting and friendly speaker and has lots of photos on display and is happy to answer any questions about her travels.”

Patricia Bagot


“Sally’s talk at the TG was very good but we didn’t give her long enough, perhaps a follow on talk could be arranged? Since then I have been reading some of Sally’s blogs and she really needs to turn them into a book they are great. “

Jenny Martin


Testimonial from Lynn Miles from the Prestwich Ladies Club


“We were delighted with Sally’s talk. She was articulate with a pleasant speaking voice and didn’t umm and arr, which can be most annoying. Her enthusiasm was very obvious.

I loved the display and opportunities for people to comment.

I can’t say which bit I enjoyed most as the whole presentation was excellent. I can’t see me travelling the world but do so admire her spirit and enterprise

It was a very entertaining evening and we all wished we had another hour!”

Margaret Bacon



A testimonial from Birkdale Womens Group in Merseyside.

A testimonial from Carol Cox



 Brining World Travel to you…



Some have said "Sally was articulate with a pleasant speaking voice and didn't umm and ahhh! Her enthusiasm was very obvious." So apparently I don't Ramble On too much...Just enough!

Some have said “Sally was articulate with a pleasant speaking voice and didn’t umm and ahhh! Her enthusiasm was very obvious.” So apparently I don’t Ramble On too much…Just enough!


Contact me today…

Thanks Sally x