So…they don’t sell chicken in China?


That is unless you like chicken feet, chicken throat and any other parts of a chicken that us westerners would dismiss as waste!

We found lots of dishes wih pork & beef but in the restaurants we went to, if you order chicken…you get some chicken feet. Several of us tried to order some sort of chicken during my time in China…but we always got chicken feet.

We tried using translation apps on an iphone, pointing and doing actions…but chicken feet are what turned up on the table. Some of the girls ordered chicken one day and the feet came attached to the legs!!

I find it fascinating how we are conditioned in our cultures and countries as to ‘what is our norm’ and what tastes good and what doesn’t. I mean, chicken feet to me (yes I tasted a bit!) are pretty pointless, there are not much meat on them and a lot of skin but to Chinese people they are a delicacy and i think some people eat the bones so ive heard? It must taste good to them right?

So this leads me to the questions…

Firstly…Where in the western world do all the feet, throats, heads and shins go??? Well I believe a lot of it appears in nuggets, sausages, pates and all sorts of chicken flavoured things. (Well thats what Jamie Oliver & his school dinners woud have us believe!)
So really…in a round about way…WE eat ALL of a chicken then don’t we?

So where, to us westerners, does all that lovely white breast, thigh and wing meat go in China?
The answer… my friends is staring you in the face everywhere you go in China…In every airport, at every subway station and even by key sights like the Great Wall of China!
It all goes to …KFC! This is my only conclusion.They are everywhere! And my guide in China would have us believe its the best place to eat!
I never did go to KFC…I managed to avoid it but when the ‘feet’ appeared on your table or you just couldnt eat rice & noodles for breakfast…there was always subway & McDonalds too!

All the pictures are in Beijing were you can eat all those tasty delights…start fish, spiders, snakes & scorpions! more about that in another post!