R’Ambleside’ my first hostel experience!

I get excited travelling anywhere. Me and my mate Linzi have lived in Bury for about four and a half years now and even just travelling into the centre of Bury still feels like I’m on holiday. Sad I know…but true.

When you live somewhere different to where you grew up and when you have a totally different accent…people hear it and always ask ” so what you doing here?” I explain…and I love it.

The UK has so many great places to visit and when it came to the ‘ what shall we do for New Year then’ discussion…there were two priorities for me and my mates.

1) must not be too far away (as someone has to drive) and 2) must be of a reasonable cost ( last year I went to a 5 * Hotel in Egypt and spent a ridiculous amount..worth it though)

So…the lovely Lake District sprung to mind…and as luck would have it, Ambleside is home to one of the biggest YHA Hostels, beautifully positioned on the edge of Lake Windermere…..I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind testing out my very first hostel with me…would they?

And of course they didn’t mind! At £18.33 a night it was a bargain!

We had a 6 bed dorm room ( bunk beds of course) with an amazing view over the lake. We arrived on New Years Eve and after a few bottles of bubbly (well there are some things you don’t cut costs on at New Year..) off we went into the to the town centre.

Here is a quick ‘get the gist’ summary of the evening as a lot happened and I don’t want to ramble on too much:

  1. Went to posh restaurant-arrived 1st- got served last- asked why- this then caused a bit of a disagreement – drank more bubbly – took part in quiz- cheated at quiz – lost at quiz- drank more- left restaurant
  2. Squashed into a cute pub – grabbed quick drink to toast the New Year- into centre of town- set alight two massive lanterns ( you know the type that shouldn’t be used in town centres…anywhere near pilons or massive trees…) suddenly became famous faces around town due to nearly setting fire to massive tree watched by hundreds – hip flask comes out-watched fireworks…Happy New Year!
  3. Went to dodgy pub- jaeger bombs- found dodgy pub had dance floor underground – danced like nobody was watching ( but unfortunately the cameras were…) gained slight head injury in the shape of a bindi ( nobody knows how? But I say it’s a spiritual sign from India…because I’m pi**ed!) loose hip flask…gutted…it was nicked!
  4. Old school music- hands in the air-Flashing lights-meet a random who doesn’t like scousers – more drinks- make friends with the random who now likes scousers- suddenly all my friends smoke?- walk the 2 mile walk back to hostel
  5. Back in the room- fall over- wake up poor sleeping people in our dorm room…zzzzzzz

Lake Windermere by the hostel in Ambleside...not too shabby!

The next morning, feeling rather fuzzy on my top bunk, my first night in a hostel was likened to ‘ a night in a zoo!’ Charming….yikes!

Once up and about the following day went a bit like this:
Hangovers all round-put on walking gear to look the part-search for a full English breakfast-walking…not very far-lots of rain -rainbows – enter a shop but leave after sudden dizzy spell – afternoon tea – boats-swans- beautiful sun set -gorgeous food and baileys as couldn’t handle proper drink

= good times!

So, I had a comfy bed, a hot shower and a beautiful view…not too bad for my first hostel experience… Well it hasn’t put me off.

By the time it came to leave, the bustling reception we had witnessed on our arrival was very quiet with only a few cars left outside. It felt like we had been at the YHA for yonks! That was until we hit the motorway and met all the other bank holiday travellers and it was back to reality…oh except for me!!!

Rain does have its benefits...this appeared on a stroll from the hostel into town