Orchha – ‘ Glamping with bells on!’





After the craziness of Jaipur and Agra we visit a place called Orchha. It is here we stayed in ‘ Luxury tents’
Orchha is a small village, which is home to an ancient palace and a temple which again is visited by many people from across India and it is a welcome stop to chill for a bit.
My brand new money belt snapped here – I couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t the cheapest one and it just broke! Luckily it happened in the hotel so I spend some time stitching it back together ( Don’t worry I have also brought a new one!) but it makes me laugh as I know I said before I left ” I never sew anything, I won’t use a sewing kit! ” and already I have!
As the sun was setting over Orchha, we walked over the river to a spot where the sun sets over the palace.
Some local children stop us and give us little hand made bracelets. They are pretty and have little bells on. ( a few days later I remove the little pellets in side my bells as they become so annoying…)
We also meet some holy men on the bridge, one in particular just wants to dance…Lucie said she got a whiff of whiskey from him…she wanted to ask him where he got it from but he was in another world…
That evening we visit the local temple. This temple was built around a statue of Budda. The statue was moved here many, many years ago and when they tried to move it again it wouldn’t budge so they decided this is where it is meant to be.
Everyone waits for the door to the staue to open and once it does, there is music, chanting, praying and everyone makes an offering. It was lovely to witness.
As people were queuing to present their offerings, (usually beautiful flowers)a little boy approaches us and asks where we are from, he would like to practise his English, which was very good. The next thing I know, most of us are sitting on the floor playing games with lots of children. It was so sweet, some of them even sang songs for us.
The square outside the temple is buzzing. There are ladies selling flowers for the temple everywhere and people selling various spices and coloured powders in little pots for painting ( I think usually for Bindis) and stalls selling all sorts of souvenir type things and cakes and sweets.There are lots of little fires lit with groups of people huddled around them and some random loners just spraweled out asleep on the ground. And of course there are cows roaming around too.
We also ventured into the Palace for a drink that night as they were playing some traditional music. I was tempted to get up and show them some ‘ Bangra moves’ you know, ‘twist the light bulbs’ & ‘ wash the ceiling & brush the floor’ move too…no??? Good job I didn’t then!
We are all addicted to the drink ‘ Lassi.’ Its a yogurt based drink and comes in many flavours. Our new pal from Norway, Inga, try’s a bannana lassi. We are only told later that this one was made of buffalo milk… A little bit of a different taste…
When we get back to our ‘luxury tents,’ Lucie spots a mouse! I think I won’t be able to sleep but then just decide he won’t be interested in me and just take my bag off the floor. But we decide to tell the Night manager ( as I’m visiting reception to go on wifi and charge my bloody phone again!) who is really funny. When we tell him we saw a mouse he just started laughing! Our Italien friend, Micheala suggests that the hotel should get some cats to solve the problem…as now it seems a few have been spotted…he suggests a mouse trap… He nods and wobbles his head a lot, as many Indian people do and we are all intrigued by this and ask him why and what does it mean. He laughs loud again and says it means “yes, I agree” or ” I’m not sure” or ” ok” he thinks and just keeps laughing.
When we get back to our tent there is a big sheet of very sticky looking stuff under the table…waiting for a culprit…luckily no little mouse stumbled upon it during the night. I don’t think I like the thought of anything getting caught on that…
The following day some of us go to a cooking class. It was great to see how they make the delicious masala chai tea as I’m addicted to it and of course a variety of Indian foods that we also got to eat afterwards…some of it was really spicy hot but i really like it, maybe im developing an aquired taste? Mmmm not sure about that but it was delicious!
We also get some ‘henna’ on our hands…and bindis too. Orchha was a quaint little place…