Kuala Lumper…Do ‘stupid things NOT to do when travelling’ come in 3′s?






I had to be the airport for 6.00am and although I’m not a fan of riding in a tuk tuk in the dark on my own- it was a lot cheaper than a taxi….so a tuk tuk I got!
At the airport, he dropped me off outside the main entrance ” tuk tuk not allowed” he said. ‘ Thank god for those girlie wheels on my rucksack I thought!’
Chennai is a massive airport and everything ran on time….
On arrival at KL airport, the first thing I needed to get was some cash. There were a few cash machines so I went even before I collected my bag. But I should remember not to rush in and READ instructions as…my card got swallowed! I couldn’t believe it! Apparently I had put my visa debit card into a machine that only likes master card and therefore eats anything else!
Luckily for me there was a cash desk next to the ATM so after a lot of form filling,I got my card back! Phew!
When I finally got to the luggage belt…my bag was gone! OMG…this was not going well so far…I rushed up to a man in uniform and he pointed behind me with a ‘ what do you expect look.’ They had just removed it ready for the next flight…again…phew!
Do ‘ stupid things not to do when travelling’come in 3′s I wondered…yikes?
When I arrived in KL I wasn’t expecting rain! But it was a welcome change.
I booked into a nice hotel in KL for 2nights but I actually ended up staying 3.
KL is a great place to be if you are travelling solo for the first time. It was easy to get around, I felt safe and there was plenty to keep me entertained.
During my stay I visited all the key sights, the KL Tower, Little India, China Town, ate great street food on Hawkers street, saw the city on an opened top bus ( v touristy but great!) And of course the famous Twin Towers. But some of my favourite and most memorable stuff involved more low key activities.
For example, KL is very expensive and very humid so the big air conditioned shopping centres everywhere are a welcome break, so I found myself one afternoon in a cinema- it was cold and it was only £2- bonus! And I ate the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted.
Another afternoon I found a hairdressers in a local shopping centre. My hair was looking pretty crap so I decided to venture in and see if they knew what blond was. The lady on this day spoke excellent English and seemed to know exactly what I was looking for…so I booked in for the following afternoon.
Now of course the stylist the next day spoke hardly any English ( I know I know, I speak no Malay either!) so we played a good game of ‘ guess what’ and I hoped for the best!
The colour was looking good, so I relaxed enough to have a flick through a magazine. Getting my hair washed was an experience. They had reclining seats, big comfy leather seats- more like beds actually – really great!
After this came ‘ the trim’ she pinned half of my hair up and left half down.’ Mmmm I started to wonder, what type of layering process is this? ‘ then she casually picked up a section of hair and cut it right down…leaving a short spikey looking tuft….”Shit”I yelled out…”what are you doing?” ” Layer” she said. Then she said in really clear English ” I am a professional, I know what I’m doing” so that was me told.
From then on I never said a word. I just had flashes of ‘GI Jane’ and ‘ Sinead O’Conner ‘….in the end though, she as right. Chunks taken out of the middle of ones head can actually look quite nice and if you have a big frizzy head like mine, it can reduce its size somewhat. Who would have thought hey?
Another place I visited was ‘ Central Market.’ This is a very old market area that has been considerable spruced up over recent years and has a great food area and lots of unique boutiques and all sorts. It was here I met Mr Chan.
Mr Chan was one of those Chinese doctor types who can read your future… So yeap, he talked me into it and took rather too much money off me for my liking and then went onto tell me that I shouldn’t worry about money…Mmmm.
He told me a few things actually but I’m not going to share them yet. Let’s see what happens…
I did a lot of walking around KL and my extremely black feet were evidence of this! Including the day I went to get my bus ticket for my next journey to the island of Langkawi.
I felt all smug with myself. I’d managed to locate the bus station and I had got there without the aid of a tuk tuk and purchased my ticket. I was all set. So I went for something to eat before an early night.
When I got back to the hotel, one of the lovely reception staff asked me if I’d sorted out my trip to Langkawi. ” I certainly have, I’ve got my bus ticket already” I beamed. I went to show him my bus ticket and ….it was gone! I don’t believe it! I retraced my steps back to where I had dinner. No such luck. I’d gone and lost the bloody thing!
I did get another ticket in the morning and I think the girl at the counter felt sorry for me as she sold me the ticket at a child’s price this time!
So, so far in Malaysia, it turns out that ‘ stupid things not to do when travelling’ do come in 3′s! I hoped that was my lot for Malaysia and things in Langkawi would run smoothly….Mmmmm