Jaipur – The Fort, the chicken, the snakes and the monkeys!




We drive up to the Amber Fort by jeep and it is impressive. As we enter it’s not the architecture that strikes me it is yet again the colours and the people. Ladies are brushing the ground dressed so brightly they stand out from the crowds. Their brushes are made from lots of twigs tied together from the top. I take photographs here which so far, are my favourite.
We go for lunch in the Palace restaurant. It’s beautiful with chandeliers and big chairs painted gold. I’m trying to taste as many local dishes as I can so I order the local chicken dish- expecting it to be lovely… Then I have food envy as everyone else seems to have amazing food and I’ve got brown, chewy chicken with a ‘tastes of nothing sauce.’ I suppose after years of always being the one who ends up with the fatty meat on a table of people who all order the same…I should learn! ( after this episode I hardly eat meat…I’m practically vegetarian now!)
On our way out of the Palace we stop by a snake charmer…I join him on his carpet to jam some tunes…which basically means I made some awful noises into a pipe whilst they charmed the two snakes! I was a suitable distance away even though one of them stared at me the whole time! Everyone in the group thought i was brave but I don’t mind snakes…it’s rats I don’t like ( I can say that here as no one is listening and about to trap me in some place with 500 rats like ‘ I’m a celebrity’ )
We then travel by tuk tuk to what is known locally as the Monkey Temple. At the entrance we eventually get past all the cows lounging around and chilling on the ground and make our way up ( what feels like ) thousand of steps. It’s very quiet and relaxing and there are a few holy men dotted around. ( a saddu is a holy man, you normally see them wearing a little orange clothing and he will usually have some paint on his face – we think that’s what they are called but I’m no expert!)
As we reach the top we start to see the monkeys and once word gets out that we have peanuts there are many around us – cute babies too. A few are very cheeky but they are all quite friendly and we end up there for longer than anticipated.

That evening we go to a Bollywood movie. The building is stunning – very art deco. Everyone cheering and whooping when the star appears on screen and although I couldn’t understand the language I follow the film and enjoy it.

Finally in Jaipur some of us visit a jewellers where you can see the precious stones being crafted. Lucie was interested in buying a silver bangle so we were chatting to the sales man when he asked ” where you from.” When we said Liverpool he responded ” Ahh, do you know Sarah Green? She lives on Queens Road…” turns out this Indian man used to go out with Sarah Green many years ago…” oh Queens Drive?” Lucie said… And I thought omg does she actually know her..?But no… Funny how we all do that, if you know someone from a country or a place we will ask if they know them…just incase. I don’t think I’d say that to an Indian though – with roughly 1.2 Billion people living here…but you never know.