I didn’t sign up for ‘ Ferry across the Misery?!’

The ferry to Penang was big and cool and was showing a film upon the big screen tv…bizarre.

I grabbed a seat and I was next to a man from Denmark. He started off a conversation with me asking if id enjoyed Langkawi. When i asked him the same he basically launched into a massive moan! He then asked where else I was going and then picked fault with everywhere…
He was a total k**b.
I told him he definitely shouldn’t go to India if he felt like this about SE Asia and I also asked him if he thought he could do a better job as he had issue mostly with governments…and people who should just ” get a job and stop begging!” He told me ” of course I could do better, I’d start off with getting rid of all these tuk tuk drivers who pester you!”

I responded with a ‘ everyone is trying to make a living comment’ and then he said ” Take Cambodia for example – Awful country…” Oh MY GOD! I could feel myself getting more and more angry! I know I hadn’t been to Cambodia yet but I just knew it was NOT an awful country! The things he was saying were coming from utter ignorance. Also, I highly doubt he had spoken to many people on his travels and hadn’t heard the sound of his own moaning voice for a while and let rip.
I decided there was no way I was going to turn around this ignorant middle aged man so I got up and moved my seat. Looking back now, I think maybe I am learning some sort of patience from my time in India…I think if I had met this man previous I wouldn’t have been able to help myself. I would have had an argument…and probably a pointless arguement because my case would fall on deaf ears. I think if you’re not willing to embrace the cultural difference when travelling ( sometimes these are extreme ) then you should just stay at home…

Since this incident I have met several lovely people from Denmark – none of which had such extreme views!