Globalteer is the name of the organisation I volunteered with in Cambodia. They have a variety of projects based across South East Asia and South America and the projects vary from assisting with education to animal care and rescue.
When I found them on the Internet it was the videos posted on You Tube from other volunteers that made me choose them. I was so inspired watching and listening to them that I just knew this project was for me.

There was one video by two guys from England who spoke excitedly about a community centre and school called ‘ Grace House’ and a few weeks before I left for my trip I found out that this was where I would be spending my time volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia – Grace House!

In Siem Reap Globalteer has 7 projects and all the volunteers from all the projects live in the ‘Globalteer’ House, which is basically a massive guest house and to me after a few months on the road, it was like luxury! I could unpack yeah!

It was a very social place with a big white board in reception were someone would always put up an evening meal venue for everyone to meet up.
There was always new volunteers arriving and volunteers ‘ leaving doos’ advertised up on the board to. Some people would come for as little as a week and some people for 3 months.

What was always the case though was that it was never long enough!

That seemed to be the leaving comments from most volunteers ‘ I don’t want to leave!’

I could see why already and I hadn’t even started school yet!

This is me outside Globalteer house with my trusty bike! Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy but the security guide had some trouble bless him!