Cruising along the backwaters…soaked in Deet!






Kerala is a big state and there’s so much to see, do and visit and no trip to Kerala would be complete without a trip on a houseboat along the backwaters of Allepey…

We have two double decker house boats for our group. Each with 5 rooms, all with air con and private bathrooms…rather nice…and a large dinning room on the top deck with a padded sunbathing section. We also had a few nice folk who looked after us on board providing our meals.

To start with we all jump on one boat together for a chilled cruise along the backwaters…we all receive a fresh coconut with a big hole in the top and a straw in…bliss. Will Bill then passes around some white rum so I add this to mine and feel even more chilled ha ha ha.

We pass other boats along the way, some very posh, with intricate weaving work across the top and sides of the boat and some are obviously permanent homes. Along the banks there are a few people swimming, some washing clothes, some fishing. We stop off as some of the group want to get some big fresh prawns for dinner. They were massive and apparently delicious.
Jenny also picks up some local brew… A strong coconut based alcoholic drink that to me smelt like sick and tasted of cabbage…but each to their own…

As the sun started to set everyone gathered for dinner, which was delicious and very spicy…afterwards loud Bangra music was played and some more ‘ fix the lightbulb’ moves came out…We had brought lots of beer for the night on the boat so everyone gathered back on deck and thats when I started to get paranoid…

This was probably the worst place to be if you don’t like bugs…but they like you!
I soaked myself in Deet…100% Deet. Strong stuff…it melts off your nail varnish, melts your flip flops and dissolves plastic bags…how nice to put straight on your skin. But I didn’t care…I did NOT want to get eaten.

As soon as we got our rooms, my mosquito net went up and Sarah borrowed one to use…we laughed as her net didn’t have any hanging gear and was black…when she put it over her she looked like draculas bride… All draped in black…

After a good nights sleep ( even a bit cold as the air con was that good)I went on deck and it turns out all those insects were more attracted to the lights than me…hundreds of them were stuck to the light bulbs…phew…not a single bite on me…
We made our way along the backwaters, everyone was in high spirits, it was a nice social evening and we were all looking forward to getting on the truck and getting to our next destination…Varkala and the beach…3 whole days on the beach…