Crazy clothes thoughts…to pack or not to pack…that is the question

I think there has always been a debate about ‘ are you a tourist or are you a traveller?’
If you type in your search engine for ‘travelling clothes’ you will get a very different pic to what it says for ‘ tourist clothes.’
I haven’t even left yet and i keep having stupid debates in my head… Such as ‘should I buy a pair of zip off pants?’You know the type that are pants but you can zip off the bottom and they become shorts…magical? No not really but lets face it if I wasn’t going travelling would I ever consider buying such pants to wear around Manchester?

Ive been thinking ” If i take them would i wear them?” about a lot of things.

Would they end up like those ‘ just in case clothes’ that you ram your suitcase with just before you go on holiday for one week? For me these are either clothes that don’t fit me before i go but i believe a miracle may occur whilst I’m away and suddenly they will fit, or something that is so bright and crazy that i wouldn’t dream of wearing at home but on holiday…well…you just never know…Errr.


Would I decide…sod my usual dress sense as I’m in a mosquito infested environment ( for example) and I don’t care what the hell I look like and these are fabulously practical pants?? Someone pass me the shirt, hat and gloves to match now!

I just don’t  know how I’m gonna feel? I’ve lived in 9 different countries across Europe and never had these thoughts but I guess it’s because packing all your worldly belongings into one big rucksack for a trip round the world is a tad different.

A lot of people say to me ‘ wow it’s gonna be so different, how will you cope?etc’ and then I have dear friends who remind me I’m not gonna suddenly have a personality transplant and do every single thing differently…plus they have ‘Boots’ the chemists in a lot of SE Asia apparently don’t you know…

Other items that I keep thinking about and can’t make up my mind if I want/ need/ should take/ not bother are:

Which shoes to take – india for one will be hot and cold and bumpy and dusty….dilemma as I only wanted to take 2 pairs

A shewee – I am gonna take it and I guess I’ll let you know if I use it and more to the point if it works ( don’t even ask for pics!)

How  many pairs of knickers to take? I’m sorry but it is a decision for me…

Small over the shoulder day bag. I have a day rucksack but in my ‘ so called normal life’ again you wouldn’t see me much with a rucksack as I always wear side shoulder bags and I love them. The dilemma is all the stories that I get told about people getting robbed of their shoulder bags…mmmm

Tshirts with writing on… I happen to like the couple I have but I’m hearing that people think they are sad…but i reckon they are talking about cartoon slogans rather than my inspirational quotes…thoughts?

Suction bags & packing cubes. Great when I set off but would I ever get stuff back in again?

Im not sure if I’ll feel like a tourist or a traveller or what the hell I’ll look like as in the big scheme of things I know none of this matters…but these are just the things whirling round my head at the moment before I practise the great art of packing for long term travel….

now …how will I fit my 50 pairs of platform stilettos in the rucksack….mmmm…???