Arriving in the Kingdom of Cambodia ( Finally…its on my blog)


You may be wondering where I’ve been? Or maybe you’ve just popped on here to look at old stuff as I havent written anything for so long? Or maybe you are new here (Welcome!) and are thinking…just get on with writing something about Cambodia!
Well I finally will but before I do I must once again make my apologies for my lack of posts over the last…errr…while! I could make a long list of reasons but that’s just boring. So basically…I’m back…again and hoping to stick around ( in between having lots of amazing experiences and meeting great new friends of course)
So please bear with me whilst I’m getting back in the swing of it all…and thanks for reading!

The first thing I thought when I arrived in Siem Reap airport in Cambodia was ‘ I haven’t seen this many westerners since I left Manchester Airport months ago!’ Everyone was scribbling away at counters along the sides of the airport, all trying to finish their form first and get in the ever increasing que for a visa.

It was definitely different here!

I was getting collected at the airport by a tuk tuk from the guest house I’d booked into for my first night. As I wondered out of arrivals there was a big sign with my name on it and a cheery guy waving it in the air.

The tuk tuk wasn’t a little motorised vehicle like I’d been using in India and Malyasia but a motorbike pulling a sort of carriage behind it. I think I said something like ‘ wow a motorbike tuk tuk!’ and he just gave me a little look and a smile that said ‘ mmm strange, she has never seen a motorbike.’

After I’d dropped my bag at the guest house, I was off to find a sim card for my phone ( the saga continues!) I went into one store were the man couldn’t speak English but gestured to me to wait and then came back with this little guy who said ‘ can I help you mam?’ He said I could get the card I needed but I must have my passport so they can take a copy. I didn’t have it and I had walked quite a way to this store so I think I just pulled a face and looked troubled. Then he said ‘ I’ll take you and bring you back?’ oh…errr…ok then…

Errr hello!!! What are you doing I said to myself!!!
I’ve always said I’d never go on the back of a motorbike again and I have always warned other people of the dangers having witnessed so many injuries when I worked in Europe when I was younger. And here I was, too hot to be bothered to walk and just hopped on the back of a moto with no helmet! ! I’d only been in Cambodia less than 3 hours!
I’ve noticed since this episode that no one rides on the back of a moto in Cambodia with their arms wrapped around the person in front squeezing the poor life out of them…but I survived and so did he…
I got my sim card and several other shopping items too, his name was Janna, my first friend in Cambodia and very helpful he was too!

On my first night I just chilled at Rosy’s guest house and ate my very first Amok. A delicious coconut based local dish that is flavoured with tasty spices but isn’t spicy- my type of food.

I was in bed early as the volunteer co ordinator for Globalteer was picking me up the next morning for my orientation and induction into the Cambodia kids project. I felt nervous and excited and I couldn’t wait!