Agra – The Taj Mahal





” I have a surprise for all the ladies” said Dushyant…Ooooo … What what? “I have arranged for you all to wear Saris for your visit to the Taj Mahal”

As we arrive we enter via the ‘ Ladies only’ que ( they have these everywhere) and everyone is smiling and pointing at all us westerners dressed in saris! We feel a little foolish but one lady touched my hand and said ‘ thank you for wearing our traditional dress’ and smiled sweetly and she seemed genuine, so I think hey ho…I’m here now and this is what I’m wearing.

It was sunny outside and as we went under the first arch towards the Taj it went very cold as people shuffled trying to get in. I started to feel a little nervous then thinking will it be as good as everyone makes out…?

” Ta da” and there it was! It really is beautiful, breathtakingly so…

The next thing I know is people are rushing around taking pictures, as if the Taj could disappear at any minute! ( Actually they are closing parts of the Taj bit by bit as it is getting damaged so go while you can!) We are asked by many people if they can have a picture taken with us as we are in saris and obviously we take our own pics- the Diana one, the Namaste one, the group one etc…

Before I know it we had hardly moved and I’d been there for an hour…

We then explored inside and around and as the sun was starting to set we helped Dushyant film a G Adventures video …very funny and coming to a website near you soon…

After all the excitement I needed the loo and a sari is not the easiest outfit to negotiate a visit to the bathroom in!
When I came out it had all fallen and some very nice (sense the sarcasm yet?) ladies all gathered around me and helped put it back on. I was so grateful and kept saying thank you, thank you, I gathered my belongings that were in front of me and ran out the loo and back to the others. Then some one said “where is your jacket?” Shit!!! I then realised they had taken my jacket. My lovely – brand new( Christmas present from my brother…sorry!) North Face micro fleece…gutted- scam number 2 complete.
The thing is, nothing could spoil my mood that day. I went back just in case it had been handed in but no. There was nothing I could do about it. Would I do things differently again? Probably not. I don’t want to be afraid to interact with people but maybe just insist on keeping hold of everything at all times… I don’t know, it happened so fast…

Later we went shopping to a cheap shop later that day and I brought a new jumper and we ALL brought thermals!

It was still an amazing day..nothing could spoil…and I will remember always. I have about a million photos anyway so there is no chance I’ll forget!