Above the clouds and amongst the rainforest’s of Langkawi


I caught a bus to Kuala Perlis and from there went by ferry to reach the island…Ahhh Langkawi…the beautiful tropical island.
It’s lined with pristine white sandy beaches and full of rain forests bursting with interesting wildlife…and what did I do? Slept. Yes, I caught up on sleep and really chilled out on my first morning and it was great!
My hotel was quite new so it was nice and comfy and I couldn’t help but relax. (Turned out the owner of the hotel also owned the ferry too, which came in handy when both myself and a new friend needed to get tickets for a busy ferry to Penang a few days later…thank god they could help us out or we may have been stuck there!)

I had been warned that I would feel the difference in the weather in Langkawi. They said the sun was stronger. So what do I do on my first afternoon…yes…got burnt! I literally only had my legs in the sun for 10 minutes and they were burnt! Great!

For lunch that day I looked to my guide book for inspiration ( seen as its been so right thus far…not) and visited a local place called ‘ Tomato Cafe.’ There was quite a few other westerners in there…with their guide books… which made me laugh. I had a masala Dosa and it was really good so I was happy.

My sister and brother in law had visited Langkawi and told me I should go on a rain forest tour and try and spot the flying lemurs…at night.

I wasn’t convinced…but I booked on a tour and thought I’d give it a go.

Our guide was called Noah. He had a lovely white, bright smile and as I learnt later on, a lot of patience!
There was only 3 of us, me and 2 girls from Hong Kong. One of the girls was also travelling alone and the other one was working over in Langkawi for a while.
I was dressed totally covered from head to toe with only my face and hands exposed…those Mosquitos and any other biting creatures were not gonna get me! The other two girls were dressed in tiny shorts and vest tops…mmmm not sure who was better prepared…

Noah insisted that I put 2 more bottles of water in my rucksack and I already had two so now it was heavy.
We strolled down to the sea first where we spotted beautiful bright blue Kingfishers and then headed up into the rain forest.

Oh My God…I sweated! It was sooo humid. It was like hiking in a sauna turned up high! It was worse than the waterfall experience in Waynard in India and that’s saying something!
So…there I was…dripping with sweat…totally covered with clothes…clothes that were stuck wet to my body…but I didn’t get bitten once! The other two had their legs eaten to bits! So sweat versus bites….Errrr….I go for sweating my a** off every time!

As the sun was setting we emerged from the rain forest to the edges. I had wished to see the Flying lemurs most of all and I was not disappointed! The first time I saw one it was just clinging to the side of a tree (we all had torches) and we waited for it to fly…I screamed! It stretches out into a square shape and moves across the air to other trees! It’s amazing! Just bizarre to see a flying square of skin!
We saw quite a few lemurs and we were also lucky enough to see a flying giant squirrel! They have big bushy tails and one flew across our heads…
We also saw flying pigmies too- little chipmunk lookalikes that fly from tree to tree. It was a pretty amazing night to witness all that wildlife. And thank god I had 4 bottles of water to keep me going! Noah was so patient when I kept stopping to drink, catch my breath and chuck it over me!
The whole evening was an experience I won’t forget!

On the way back to my hotel near Cenang Beach, I stopped to grab some street food. You see little vendors on the road side by the beach selling little banna leaf packages….I wanted to know what was in them so got one to try and some chicken satay. The parcel contained the most beautiful coconut sticky rice and hiding in the middle some homemade chilli sauce….and it was delicious! The chicken satay skewers with homemade peanut sauce were the best I’ve tasted. I think altogether with a bottle of water it cost me £1.50!

The following day I was to leave Langkawi but decided to take in a few more sights on a whistle stop air con taxi tour. Janice ( one of the girls from Hong Kong) joined me.

I visited the fruit plantations and got to taste some very strange looking fruits that tasted much better than they looked! ( the fruit you can get in Asia is just beautiful…I am totally addicted to mangos at the moment! They cost about 20p…in England they could cost £3.00 in M& S and taste nowhere near as good!)
Oh…I also got to pose for some rather strange photos here too….

Next we went on to the cable car which takes you up over 700 meters to the top of Mount Mat Cincang. Beautiful views were promised and cooler temperatures….
It was extremely foggy as we climbed up and it even started to rain. As we began to reach the top patches of blue sky started to appear and the sticky humidity reared its head once more …but the views were pretty amazing!

On arrival at the top it says ‘ Welcome to happiness’ ….

You could see lots of the 99 islands all around us that make up Langkawi and a bridge built to take you over the rainforest allows you to glimpse through the trees and see the waterfalls below too. All this in between fluffy clouds around us…

I got chatting to a family in the cable car on the way up….you just never know who you are gonna meet when travelling. Turns out this family (there was a group of the about 15) originate from Pakistan were they had just been on holiday to visit, then they had come over to Malaysia together then most of them would return home to Memphis Tenassey USA. They father had a jewellery business and most of the family worked in the business…but they didn’t like it. One of the girls, born and bred in the US was telling me how much she loves New York and another guy was saying how much he wants to move to Boston…yes I extracted all of this information in just one short cable car ride…it’s just great meeting people from all over the place! My story of ” I’m from Liverpool…been living in Manchester” doesn’t quite sound as interesting…

Up on the bridge there were 4 people from Korea having fun posing and taking photos of each other. They were doing cat walk type shots, pouting and wearing big floppy hats…

Our final stop in Langkawi on the way to the ferry terminal was the giant symbol of Langkawi…the Eagle. It’s a landmark at Kuah jetty and the statue stands 12 meters high.

It welcomes arrivals by sea to the island and it waves you goodbye…for me off on the ferry to the island of Penang!