About Me


Hi, Sally here, I’ve been travelling my whole life and I’m just back from a ‘Round the world trip’ – my biggest travel adventure EVER! I travelled across 4 continents and 24 countries, on 42 flights over 17 months!

My dream came true!

I met hundreds of amazing people, saw the most incredible sights and experienced fascinating cultures! I’m catching up with my stories, tips from the road and general ramblings about TRAVEL…so stay tuned!

I’ve always enjoyed travelling and exploring new places. Going everywhere from family weekends in caravans across the UK when I was little to enjoying long haul trips to places like Hong Kong and America to working overseas and exploring Europe’s ski slopes and party islands. I’ve always loved to explore!

On my RTW trip I also volunteered teaching English and had some extremely memorable experiences – everything from swimming with a Blue spotted stingray to living in a retirement village for over 3 months…errrr – it was fun!!!

Back in 2011, I left my job, I rented out my house, I stored stuff, I sold stuff, I gave a lot of stuff away and off I went with just a back pack…and it was the very best thing I’ve ever done! But yeah, now I’m back and I’m experiencing ‘Reverse Culture Shock!’!

In this blog I talk about my journey – now, then and in between…

“You’ve only got one life – live it!”

Sally x